When me and my wife first visited Istanbul and the rest of Turkey in 2015, we knew this was a special place. The beautiful scenery, delicious food, climate, easy-going system and most importantly warmth and friendliness of the people made us more determined to increase the frequency of our visit to this wonderful country. In 2018, we received the news that the law for Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate program has been amended from US$1 million to US$250,000. This is when we seriously started considering securing a foothold in another country.

Through an old work acquaintance of mine, I was introduced to Alterra Citizen. Throughout the whole process, Alterra Citizen team has been extremely helpful and transparent. They answered all our questions and calls right away, invited us over for visit, took care of all our administrative and embassy matters at the best of their ability. Today, my family has obtained a second passport in less than a year thanks to them. We very much enjoy our new summer home in Istanbul. We even consider to make it a permanent one in the near future. As far as I’m concerned, I’m very delighted from their services and would recommend them to anyone who would be interested into signing up for the Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate program. Until this day, they have been helping us and frequently remind us that we are ‘part of the Alterra family’.

Couple from Shenzhen

My business requires constant travel in Europe and MENA. Since 2014, the Istanbul airport has been a frequent stopping point for me. Initially, I didn’t find time to visit the city as I was rushing for connecting flights. However, once I decided to stay longer and postponed my ticket back home for a couple days. In this short period, I fell in love with this city. As a passionate orientalist, I was actually surprised by the modernity of Turkey and how two cultures blended into one. This was a superb experience in my case. Additionally, considering the strategic location of this country, it is superb spot for me while conducting business, rather than travelling back and forth to China constantly. I knew I had to do something about it.

After this visit, I started doing research on how to acquire citizenship. Lucky for me, an old friend of mine Ming Yu was facilitating this process through 'Alterra Citizen’. Everything went very smoothly and all my questions have been answered. I acquired the passport in no time and I am extremely delighted with this new property. Today, I spend more time in Turkey in a year than I spend in China. My wife and children have quickly adapted and I am happy to be part of the vibrant expat community of Istanbul.

Investor from Guangzhou

Having lived in China my whole life, I wanted to travel and see the rest of the world. Unfortunately, travelling with a Chinese identity is difficult and restrained. I was looking for a quick way to get an additional passport adapted to my budget. I found the cheapest and most convenient one to be the Turkish one. I heard great things about Turkey from friends who visited.

I came across Alterra through their Social Media and reached out to them. They were helpful from day one and ended up inviting me over to Istanbul, covering all my expenses during the stay!

Today, I am a proud citizen of Turkey and enjoy travelling and meeting new people everyday. This was by far the best investment I made in my life.

(China) - Beijing / Young Business Woman

Me and my wife want our two children to have a better future. In this globalised world, the importance of holding dual citizenship is evident from all points. We were researching into agencies that would get us quick and affordable passport. We were recommended Alterra Citizens’ deal and found it to be perfect. They invited us over to Istanbul and took care of all our administrative matters very professionally. Especially, my children experienced some difficulties with their paperwork but Alterra was very quick to resolve those issues.

Today, we all hold Turkish passports and are very satisfied with our second home in Istanbul. Couldn’t thank the Alterra Citizen employees enough.

(China) Shenzen / Couple with Children

The United Kingdom is a hot spot among Chinese immigrants. Me and my family would like to establish ourselves there one day. A family friend of mine referred me to Alterra Citizen. They introduced me to the Ankara Agreement and how Turkey’s special partnership with the EU allows relocation for small investment, especially to the UK. On top of that, we learned about the quality house and the perks of Turkish citizenship. All for an extremely reasonable price.

Today, my family holds Turkish passport, a nice apartment in the heart of Istanbul and we’re currently exploring a business plans in order to potentially relocate to the United Kingdom.

(China) Ghuangzhou

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