Nevda Yilmaz

Executive Coordinator


Nevda Yılmaz has studied at a French high school in Istanbul and then she completed her undergraduate in the Faculty of Management, Department of Marketing Strategy at BU University in the UK.

Following her business orientations in several English spirit companies in the United Kingdom, Nevda Yılmaz started her business life in 1991, in partnership with Yılmaz A.Ş. her family holding in Turkey.

As the Head of Marketing, she was responsible for the marketing of the most popular international spirit brands; a range of over 340 products.

In 2011, she established her own company in partnership with a European spirit brand and became CEO of the said company. She has fixed the successful positioning of over 50 brands among the well-known products in Turkey.

In 2014, she established her second company “Invest in Turkey”. She lead the Turkish and the international companies to invest in Turkey / Georgia / Montenegro / Dubai / USA, concerning Construction, Energy, Food, Textile business.

In 2019, she joined Alterra Worldwide and became the Executive Coordinator for the company. She is in charge of the international Investors & guest relations of the company.

Bachelor’s Degree, BU University, Department of Marketing Strategy

Turkish, French, English

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