Bilal Yurtçak

Client Relations


Bilal Yurtcak has studied at lstanbul Technical University, in the department of Textile Development and Marketing, dropped out after 2 years of study, to start his business life at an early age.

In 2011, he established his company “Golden Euroasia Limited” in Hong Kong, and a branch office in Shenzhen/China, to be in charge of the purchases for his family company.

As a quick learner, he adapted himself to Chinese culture, and learned Chinese language in 6 months of study in Shenzhen University.

Due to his positive personality, suppliers gave him the Chinese nickname 阳光(sunshine), the one that brings warmth.

His first major success in business was to introduce household air coolers to Turkey market in 2012. With his focus on innovative approach, his family became a prominent brand in Turkish agricultural industry. After successfully maturing the family company, he started on his own journey with the experience of business in China for 9 years.

In 2020, he joined Alterra Worldwide. He is responsible for client relations.

Bilal is responsible for customer relations for the China market on behalf of Alterra Citizen.

Licentiate Degree, ITU University, Textile Development & Marketing

Turkish, English, Chinese

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